International Literacy Day

International literacy day is a global celebration of literacy and its importance to individuals, communities and societies.While celebrations take place all around the world, we have decided to celebrate it in a different manner. Today literacy  is not just about reading. Literacy is about having the skills and tools necessary to exchange ideas, assess information, and to make informed actions, all in order to participate and thrive in society. Reading is a huge part of this, but it is just one piece. Forty years ago, if you could read, you were most likely literate. Today, being able to read is critically important, but it is just a start. If you are unable to leverage information and communication technology to find, interpret, and act on information, you are no longer literate. Just like money, literacy is subject to inflation. Keeping this in mind the Interact club of Agdav centenary public school celebrated this important day in a unique way , the interactors conducted 'Digital literacy ' workshop for the helping staff of the school. The workshop commenced  with an introduction to a smart phone, its uses and benefits  were told by Interact Teacher Incharge Ms.Sonia Jhingran .
President Aman Alam introduced a computer, explained how to start & shut it down, also basic parts and use of the parts were told.They were given hands on practice to use a mouse. They were thrilled to hold a thing they have never even dreamt of, it was an amazing experience to see the shine and happiness in the eyes of these adult learners. Director Madhu talked about some applications like Paytm, ola google map etc and stressed on the fact that how easy life can be with use of all these. Computer Teacher Ms Rhythm told the interested learners about Google search and gave them hands on practice to search .The session concluded with a promise that this will be an on going process and the interactors will take more such classes in future. It was heart warming to see the happiness on the faces of the adult learners , they expressed their gratitude and blessed the teachers and students . 



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